About Us

NORDEF was founded in 2019. We are an issue oriented, high impact technology company that aims to reduce harmful NOx emissions and greatly reduce single use plastics by producing diesel exhaust fluid at the point of use. The founders had a vision of disrupting the automotive fluids industry using the EPA’s three pillars of sustainability to support the planet’s return to equilibrium by equally and disproportionately impacting both the environment and society while creating a long standing, economically successful company and product suite.




William L Walls

Over a decade of sales experience in the automotive part sales industry. Currently a Director of Business Development negotiating supplier relationships for over 100 heavy-duty truck locations.

Austin Hausmann

Over a decade in sustainable vehicle and energy companies including multiple startup and high growth companies. Holds four degrees, including a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Adam Bronge

Excelled at his career in sales and business development for more than ten years. He has served as Regional Sales Manager and VP Sales in two successful vehicle start-ups.